David H From Oscar


1984 TO 2012
Co-producer of the Oscar Band, the “French touch Period”
David immersed himself in Hip Hop culture in 1984. He bought turntables and became a DJ. He organized parties, participated in graffiti’s contests, became a champion of BMX. At 20 years old, while staying in London, David discovered electronic music. It was 1990, and a whole musical univers was emerging with everything to be done. A night, he left his bike on a side, dropped his spray paints, and jumped from hip hop music to electronic music. In 1998, David and Florent ( Oscar ) decided to join their musical talents. Two years later, they rose Denote Records.

SINCE 2012

In 2012, David decided to give a new breathe to the label with the compilations “Nu Disco & Nu House” and “Big and Large”, released in March 2012, and the promising Villanova band. Even before the official release of their first EP, Villanova received feedbacks from the biggest deep house DJs, elected by an overwhelming majority.

On the other hand, David H hits the international scen with several projetcs such as :


The Galactiks, a Neo Soul style project featuring Gladys Gambie ( Singer ), and Jerome Lecaittel.

Rive Gauche, an Electro Jazz music project with a disco note. ( Feat. Alexandre Destrez – pianist of Saint Germain )

Alabama 65, a pop blues project remembering the black unforgettable and oldies tunes. ( Feat. Alexandre Destrez )

Oscar, the funky deep house band. ( Feat. Florent Sabaton )

Digital Finger, an Electro Hiphop NuFunk sound in collaboration with Jérôme Lecailletel.


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