No need to look for an anagram or any trick; OSCAR, formed by David H and Florent Sabaton, is the name of old synthetizer from the 70′s. A significant and obvious choice when you listen to their tracks, tinted of a vintage and synthetic colour. David Hachour and Florent Sabaton first met performing bi-cross when they were 12 years old. They were used to lived in the same neighbourhood, in a small town in the surrounding of Paris.

A few years later, both David H and Florent dived into music.

Flo, studied accouting, and played with with various band as a guitarist or bassist; Soon, he bought his first first computer to compose his own tracks.

At the same time, David got into the Hip Hop culture, and bought his first turntables. He started djaying and organized parties. Following the flow, David illustrated himself in graffittis contests, and bi-cross international championships, owning his title of bi-cross champion. Turning 20 years old, David discovered the electronic music in London. Here came the reveletion. Seduced and amazed by this sound from outta space, he droppped his bike, his spray paints, and jumped from Hip Hop to House music. It was 1990, he was back to Paris, ready to contribute to this new sound emerging. So far and then, he devoted himself to House music.

In 1998, David and Flo decided to join their talents one more time, off their bikes, they ride computers and turntables, playing together. Florent will be the bass and the machine man, owning now a solid technical and musical knowledge ; David would bring the groove from his elecletic music culture and background. Here was born Oscar. Born from a friendly duet, and the support of their musicians & friends : Jerôme Lecaïlletel, guitar, Cédric Blin, Bass, Alexandre Destrez, keyboards ( St Germain, Shazz, Overhead ).

In 1999, Well Tune, a subdivision of the label Artifact, released their first maxi, Brazil 2030. In the next 18 months, they released 4 more EP. Quickly, Jerôme Mestre, producer at this time, proposed to the two firends to launch their own label. David and Flo borrowed some money, and Denote Records was born in 2001.

From then, Oscar keeps rolling ; around 20 releases, as many particpations to compilations, the album “Duologic” ( an hybrid project just in between of Hip Hop and House music ) with the contribution of Dysh, and ‘Parisian Soul” ( Denote Records/Nocturne ), their first album released in February 2003, and played all around the globe, licensed in Japan as well as Australia. They came out with a second album in spring 2004.

Until now Oscar established its colour with an explosive cocktail of house, funk and brazilian music, firing up the dancefloors. Today, the band is looking further, towards more synthetic tones, a fresh and new mix of groovy basses and electro. In good old chaps, David and Flo are walking together with a common quest, keeping searching for the music reflecting them.

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