Sleaz comes from the alternative scene and the parisian underground environment. Their name comes from Daniel Wang, and their Hit “Key of Love” ( Denote Records) is still the hymn closing lots of after parties. In 2012, they are revived by the Villanova, they sold their Steinway, and stepped back into the electro scene with a new breathe. The two groovy fellows featuring Villanova hit the charts again with “Beautiful“EP, remixed by Amine Edge, and elected by an overhelming majority.

David U.S.H and Greg AKA Memory Man put a spell. They get their unique sound from analogic synthesizers and old racks such as the famous Fairchild from PlusXXX studios, mixing classical Rock-Funk music with Hip-Hop, and electronic music. The melt gives us something extrem, powerful and warm. Definitively, you must see  them running from a machine to another, dancing with an incredible energy when performing on stage or in their studio for live sessions. Their work is all about improvisation.

Real time processing only; No computer editing, no quantization, no MIDI, no sequencer ; Nothing that we all use today, nothing else but them. SLEAZ , we keep the Funk alive.

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