The Manuel Portio


Joshua Pathon spend a lot of time together, according to Lunabass’s wife, “a little too much” Lunabass is the alias of Adrian Whalland although most simply call him “Wol”, whilst Joshua Pathon are the names of Joshua Pathon.
They were introduced to each other by mutual friend Ernest Shackleton upon their arrival to Elephant Island in 1916, an ice covered mountainous island off the coast of Antarctica.
“There are no actual elephants on this island ya plum,” proclaimed Joshua.
This sentence received three hearty cheers from the rest of the expedition but still chills Lunabass to his very core. Lunabass had run out of seasick tablets halfway through the journey and it was only the elephants that gave him the strength to go on.
It was whilst on this island that they discovered their mutual admiration of House music and Gentoo Penguins.
Upon arrival back to their hometown of Adelaide South Australia they strapped on their keytars and set to work creating the music they love and caring for the Penguins they’d befriended on their travels.
Although they’ve only been producing music together for the last 4 months, they already have releases signed and ready to drop on DeNote, Sccucci Manucci and Audio Parallax Recordings.
Besides spending long hours in the studio they can also be seen frequenting their favourite mountain bike tracks although Lunabass is always looking for an excuse to stay on the couch.

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