It all started back in 2009, in their hometown of Marseille, at a party made unforgettable by a small incident that occurred between the two parties, when Marc-Antoine vomited on Adrien Villanova’s shoes. Two years later, in 2011, they met up again in Paris. They realized then that they both had the same vinyl record hanging around, the album of Metro Area. Their common passion for analog synths will be the decisive element to found Villanova together. Villanova was born . The name being in honor of Adrien’s great grand mother, Marie Villanova who happened to be the only one in his family who supported his musical career. Their force resides in the fact that they complement each other so well, whether it concerns their musical influences or techniques. Marc Antoine, educated at the Marseilles conservatory, brings to the partnership his knowledge of jazz, drawn from artists such as Eric Dolphy and Thelonius Monk. When he started to show interest in electronic music, he understood his background of  jazz could greatly help his style in electronic music. Concerning Adrien, he draws his influences from house music with reference to artist such as Larry Heard, Frankie Knuckles and Kerri Chandler. These influences quickly brought him to the forefront as a Dj. Of course, the duo also takes their inspiration from today electronic music, and both of them are big fans of Nicolas Jaar, Azari & III and Art Departement. After a year spent “hacking” their machines, they decided to get their first track mastered at “Colorsound studio” in Paris. They met David Hachour, founder of the Denote Records, and became friends beyond the walls of the studio. After listening to their track , “Phenomenon”, David Hachour suggested them to include the piece in the new compilation of the label titled “Big & Large”, and a deal to release their first maxi “Mothafunk Ep”. A significant sign of life when you know that Adrien’s first vinyl was a maxi of Sleaz, artists signed on Denote Records too. A sign of evidence, Adrien will lately confess that his first vinyl, “Key of Love” from Sleaz ( 2002, Denote Records ), has been his ever first vinyl, and offered by his beloved brother .  Villanova and Sleaz united on the same compilation, “Big and Large”, where Sleaz’s last production “Lotus” is listed just after the track “Phenomenon”. They collaborate on Sleaz ‘s “Beautiful” EP, edited by Amine Edge, hitting the charts, and sticking for weeks the Beatport Nu-Disco Top 10.

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